A blog about, well television. In addition to some video games like Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, and DMC. Also heavily in love with How To Train Your Dragon. Meaning following this blog will see a wide variety of different shows. And a bit of video games on the side. I primarily blog about:
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And pretty much anything else.

Now who do I ship? -NikitaxMichael
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The last bunch of pictures from this year’s Fan Expo. I had so much fun it was absurd. 

If you see yourself in these pictures, let me know and I’ll credit you!

Also, that nightcrawler was FANTASTIC, and he wanted to take a picture with me! (He actually took a really hilarious selfie that I wish I had a copy of. If you see this, nightcrawler guy, Please send me that selfie it was amazing.)

The Astrid looks awesome.

New shows I want to check out this fall:

- Forever: the idea of a 200 year old man who can’t die solving crime seems interesting to me. It has this Sherlock vibe to it. Downside, he kinda seems to make the FBI look like a bunch of morons.

-The Flash: I love superhero stuff and it being a spin off of Arrow is an extra bonus. Downside, I don’t really care for the Flash, so hopefully that will change.

- Constantine: It has this really cool look to it and it seems like Supernatural (even having a similar coat to Castiel. Also love humor. Down side, I could totally misjudge this and not like it or it flops.

Hoping to check these shows out. I saw the Forever pilot and enjoyed it. Really wished Fan Expo premiered one of these shows. :(